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QoS for Video Streaming over Wi-Fi

Hello, guys! Need your assistance in configuring QoS on a wired network for the ability to watch IPTV on wireless clients' devices with a good quality.

What we have:

         WLC5508------ trunk ------3750------ trunk ------2960------access------AP1140

On a 3750 multicasting is configured, wired clients are able to watch IPTV with a good quality.

What is already configured:

on a WLC: QoS type is set to Gold on a WLAN settings, WMM policy is set to Allowed

on 3750:


mls qos


class-map match-all VideoClass

match access-group name VideoQoS


policy-map VideoPolicy

class VideoClass

  set dscp cs4


ip access-list extended VideoQoS

permit udp 172.22.X.0 eq 1234


interface VlanY

description Management Vlan for Cisco devices (for APs too)

ip address 172.22.Y.1

service-policy output VideoClass



What is missed and what is wrong? the quality of a video is still poor

Many thanks in advance!

P.S. Actually, I don't know where to apply the created policy-map....

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QoS for Video Streaming over Wi-Fi

You don't have your egress queuing setup. You need to map your COS values to a queue, then you can allocate bandwidth to those queue's. This makes lower priority traffic wait while higher priority traffic gets transmitted.

I have a few configuration examples on my site that may help you. Remember that the config that I have may not be the best for your network so you will have to figure that out yourself.

Make sure that your QOS profile on the WLC is set correctly. I found one of my controllers didn't even have a value set in the profile, but the profile was applied and doing nothing.

You need to apply the policy map to mark packets on the port where the video source is on your network.

You need to Trust DSCP on all of your trunk ports or the switch will ignore the dscp markings.

QOS may only be one of many issues that may be causing your problem. Your AP's could be overloaded with clients, your data rates may not be optimized, etc..

I hope this helps


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