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Qos over WLAN

Hello Guys

I am trying to implement QOS in my WLAN and have a related question. We use Microsoft LYNC as our enterprise voice and video solution and I wanted to impement WLAN Qos to prioritize these coming out of the client wireless PCs. I used the GPO policies to mark voice traffic as DSCP 48 and video traffic as DSCP 41 in the clients. Now before setting up QOS profile as platinum in the controllers, I wanted to know if setting up "Platinum profile" for the SSID will prioritize just voice traffic or it will also understand the video traffic and will treat it as video(Gold)?

Note -- Microsoft LYNC marks COS based on IPP values. Hence DSCP-46 maps to IPP-5 and a 802.1P of 5 which is AC_Vi as per WMM.


DSCP 48 -- IPP 6 -- (AC_VO - 6), DSCP 41 -- IPP 5 -- (AC_VI - 5)



Cisco Employee

Qos over WLAN

Platinum prioritizes everything.

Meaning if voice traffic comes, it has highest priority. If video traffic comes, it has the 2nd highest priority, etc ...

If you chose Gold, then the WLC will prioritize video correctly if it comes, it will put a lower priority to data traffic but voice traffic will not be treated with a higher priority than video.

The profile actually sets the highest priority you want to give. By chosing "best effort" you actually say that you will not prioritize anything above data/best effort traffic.

What matters is the 802.11e value set by your clients.

Your application can set the DSCP value, if that's just what is set, no QoS will actually happen. It's not about "how the WLC will prioritize traffic received from the client". It's about the tag between the AP and client. 802.11e qos tags allow for more aggressive wireless timers and less chance of collision so the client has to tag the right frames with the right 802.11e tag and so will the AP.

If a frame is received with 802.11e priority, the WLC will set the according DSCP on the wired side. If WLC receives a packet from wired side with a specific dscp priority, it will set the according 802.11e value over wireless.

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