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QoS Profile -> Wired QoS Protocol Necessary?


I just wanted to verify I'm actually understanding some concepts here.  A while back I posted about QoS for our Voice VLAN and it was suggested that I need to consider the Wired QoS Protocol support inside of the QoS Profile for the Platinum profile.  I have since read a document that says this setting is actually obsolete ( and I found this in the Voice over WIreless LAN 4.1 Design Guide:

WMM-enabled clients have the classification of their frames mapped to a corresponding DSCP

classification for LWAPP packets to the WLC. This mapping follows the standard IEEE

CoS-to-DSCP mapping, with the exception of the changes necessary for QoS baseline compliance.

This DSCP value is translated at the WLC to a CoS value on IEEE 802.1Q frames leaving the WLC


So I want to verify my understanding.  We will be leveraging 7925 which will use WMM.  Wouldn't the phone itself hande setting the QoS flag on the frames, and then in return wouldn't the WLC use whatever the appropriate QoS was back?  This of course presumes the switch ports to the APs trust DSCP and then trust CoS coming from the WLC.  Thank you to anyone who can help me make sure I understand this.

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QoS Profile -> Wired QoS Protocol Necessary?

In CUCM setup the DCSP markings for your call control and RTP traffic. Your 7925 phone will then send the packets out with those DSCP markings on the packets. Your SSID still has to have a QOS profile set to allow the client to send DSCP markings on your packet so the AP does not reset it to DSCP value of Zero.

Trust DSCP on the switch port connecting your AP.

If your marking DSCP, Trust DSCP on your controller ports too. You can also modify your marking policy with Trust DSCP in the default class for your Controllers. This allows you the ability to mark other traffic that the client is not marking. For example, you may want to mark CIF's to CS3 from a wireless client, you can do that here.

Here is my theory on trusting COS or DSCP in more detail.

I hope this helps


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