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Savant and WLC 2504

The customer have 1x WLC 2504 and 7x AP 3502i.

He are installing a automation system called Savant, this system use the Bonjour protocol to discovery the services on the network.

I've configured the multicast group on controller and switch (SG300) with IP, but the Savant (on iPad) don't finds the service.

Somebody has gone through a similar scenario?

I've used this document:

PS: The customer haven't VLAN

Best regards.

Community Member

Savant and WLC 2504

Kindly go through the link for step to step configuration for multicasting. I had not faced this issue but I have send the link may help to verify and address your quey.

Savant and WLC 2504

Or upgrade to the latest 7.4 / 7.5 releases, where there is a lot more native support for Bonjour.

Community Member

Savant and WLC 2504

I've updated to the  v7.5 and configured the multicast on the WLC as the configuration guide.

But, the Savant application don't discover the server.

Cisco Employee

Savant and WLC 2504

#Disable mdns/bonjour on wlc. place the WLC Management and AP vlan on same subnet. keep the savant server and iphone on same wlan and try.

#WLC 2500 supports only Multicast to Multicast for AP mode, be sure that wired side Multicast is configured properly and working.

#Try with any standard app to verify bonjour and AP mode multicast works.

#it is possible there may be any specific string that require to be added onto bonjour profile for savant to work. do debug mdns all enable and see what is missing.

it is suggested to open TAC case for troubleshooting.

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