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Single SSID & DHCP

If possible, how would a Single SSID on a Aironet AP be able to provide LAN access to two different subnets?

I beleive a routing (router) needs to be present to route between two subnets.

In example,


     SSID "Visitor" can send IPv4 mobile devices to either subnet or to subnet

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Re: Single SSID & DHCP

The only way to get that to work would be to do forced VLAN assignment from a AAA server. If you statically map the VLAN to the SSID you are locked to that one VLAN.


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Single SSID & DHCP

If you aren't concerned as to what subnet the user gets, so long as they get one of them, you can configure a dynamic vlan..

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Hi,Yes with the help of


Yes with the help of Dynamic vlan you can achieve this, if your AP have this feature.



yes its is possible using

yes its is possible using dynamic VLAN assignment using ISE or ACS. 


Plus that mode normally works if you want to group multiple APs (placed in different places) and you want that when ever client move to any locaiton SSID remain same but behind the scene VLAN changes, even the security can be same.


Hope this helps.

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