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The number of video codec under 802.11b

[issue 1] How many video codec servers can be operating with one 1200? Please let us know. In my case, the manimum mumber of video codec was 2. Each video condec server has 800kbps and the total throughput is calculated to 1.6Mbps. When I was adding one more as 3 servers, the rate of image frame is dropped extremely. The protocol of video was TCP/IP and no VLAN, no additional function.

[issue 2] How can I fix the video protocol as UDP/IP? Does the codec server maker fixed it? If yes, is there any methode in the neworking side?


Re: The number of video codec under 802.11b

You should be aware that 802.11b is shared medium, so it behaves like a hub in terms of available throughput, so delays really depend on traffic and the bandwidth/delay requirements of the application.

Try configuring QoS, if the device has the necessary bandwidth for the 3rd vedeo stream.

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Re: The number of video codec under 802.11b

Thanks for your nice advice.

I'll try to fix the QoS on 1200.

And please tell us what does "3rd video stream"?

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