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too many APs

Hello guys,

     We have to install 46 APs (WAP2000) working on a G standard (just 3 channels no overlaping), they will be installed on a hotel, wich is/are the best practice(s) to avoid the minor interference between them due to just we have 3 channels that no overlaping...any help/tip/suggestion/document/website will be very apreciated!


Re: too many APs

since you're using non overlapping channels they shouldn't interfere with each other. But based on a site survey and/or post install validation survey you can lower the power on a per ap basis so that the are not bleeding through the floors too badly.


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Re: too many APs

Great reponse from Steve on ths one ... Ill add, you should keep 20 dB difference between the same channel. So if you have 2 aps on channel 6, you should see (1) @ 50 the other (1) should be @70 or more.

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Re: too many APs

0.k. I understand. Thanks a lot!

Then I will investigate how many APs we can put on the same Channel taking the consideration of the 20dbs

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Re: too many APs

How many floors are there in this hotel? Be sure and do a survey, but I would stagger them floor to floor.

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