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UNII-2 DFS Channels

I am working on deployment with over 600 3502i APs. The client device chosen for voice on this network is the Ascom I62. This device does not like to roam to APs using UNII-2 channels 52 - 64. I have removed these channels from the channel plan on my 5508 controllers under Wireless>802.11a/n>RRM>DCA and invoked a channel update.

A day later, I still have dozens of APs using these channels. Is there another way to remove these channels from the APs short of reassigning them manually? I tried rebooting the APs and they still retain the UNII-2 channels.



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UNII-2 DFS Channels

I would try to disable the A/N network.  Make sure the 52-64 aren't in the list, and then reenable the A/N network.



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Re: UNII-2 DFS Channels

you can try statically assigning channels for those APs

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Re: UNII-2 DFS Channels

We have the DCA globally set to freeze. We set it to auto and then went into each AP that was on a UNI2 channel and set it to custom, then saved, then set it back to auto and it refreshed the channel to a non-UNI2 channel. We could have probably left it on auto for a period of time to let them change automatically.

Thanks for the suggestions though.

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