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Using an IPAQ as a phone

I swear that a few years ago we set up an Ipaq on CallManager and was able to use it as a wireless IP phone. We had CCM 3.1, and I don't remember needing any special phone emulation software. Is anybody familiar with this setup? We now have CCM 4.01a(sr2)and I cannot remember how this was done. I have not been able to find any instructions, either. Thanks...


Re: Using an IPAQ as a phone


as the CCM is handling signaling for VoIP, the first question is, which signalling protocolls do you use?

Based on the answer I would look for an IP soft phone application and then ... RTFM ;-)

One Softphone which I have heard should work is "IP Blue VTGO!", which I was told even was bundled on the companion CD of the IPAQ.

Maybe you can check this and work from there.

A little Search revealed this on IP Blue and Call Manager interoperation: IP_Blue_Cisco_Innovation_Day_May_2004.pdf

So this is what I would opt for. Seems to be a working solution without too much hassle involved.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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Re: Using an IPAQ as a phone

Thanks for the direction. I hadn't heard RTFM in a while. ;-)

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