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Vocera Application Recommendations

We are in the process of conducting a site survey for a client and will be recommending a controller based Cisco solution (Airespace). Are there any special considerations we need to take into account during the survey to ensure a succesful Vocera implementation?


Re: Vocera Application Recommendations

Vocera products will be compatible with the Airespace products. So implementing Vocera products in a Airespace environment should not be a problem.

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Re: Vocera Application Recommendations

I would highly suggest you review all the RF requirements for Vocera in order to avoid a lot of users complaining about this product. I have horror stories which I'm trying to bury. Vocera is very very sensitive and needs a quality RF environment as well as enough WLAN coverage to operate. Make sure you survey with Vocera badges. Everything else will be gravy in the WLAN environment.

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Re: Vocera Application Recommendations


The vocera badge has a site survey utility. Make sure you use it during a site survey and make sure you do not sure with ap at full power. You want to be able to increase power to fill holes when RF changes. Alot of people are doing site surveys at 20mw.

Vocera has a reading called CQ - channel quality that assists the badge in determining when to roam.

Anything below 20 CQ on the badge will cause choppy voice. We surveyed and tried to keep it above 25.

Vocera is very touchy so take your time and ensure that you site survey with the Vocera badge and understand that when it hangs around your neck you body is a 15db pad. Keep this in mind so you face away from the AP to get true reading...

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