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Voice & Data over building to building wireless link

We have two buildings that are currently connected via a frac-T1. Most of the traffic is data but 2 channels are voice. We want to eliminate the T1 and replace it with a wireless solution. A site survey has been done and we should be ok. The distance between the two buildings is around 4 miles.

Besides the two antennas and bridges, what equipment would we need and how do we accomplish this feat?

Thank you.


Re: Voice & Data over building to building wireless link

That's preety much it.

Good Luck.

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Re: Voice & Data over building to building wireless link

All you should need is the two antennas and bridges as long as you can ensure you will be able to connect your bridges to your wired lan, and that the devices that will support that connection can support an 802.1q trunk to support you DATA and Voice VLAN's.


Re: Voice & Data over building to building wireless link

For a straight Aironet install, don't forget the stuff you need to put in a fiber link from the Aironet to the rest of the network (transceivers, converters ... it'll depend on what equipment you already have). A span of fiber will help prevent environmental hazards (catching a power line, lightning) from getting to the rest of the network.

If you want to continue passing the voice, you can probably add a couple 26XX routers at each location with FXS/FXO ports.

You may want to look at some other options for the point-to-point. There are a number of microwave systems (using non-licensed spectrum) that can give you T1 speeds or higher. The interface is generally a V.35 connection and the bandwidth can be carved up like a traditional T1 (X cannels Data, X channels voice).

Good Luck


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