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VoWLAN and Qos

For those people who have already deployed the VoWLAN using Cisco LWAPP and Cisco wireless IP phones, do you satisfied with the voice quality by using Cisco's QoS solution? I am wondering about radio upstream QoS(from client to the AP) which relies on 802.11e and WMM. From other documents I read, 802.11e is only good for small office, but not for enterprise deployment. Is this true?



Re: VoWLAN and Qos

WMM is the only game in town for QOS on a wireless link. From the AP through the rest of the network, QOS is based on Cisco's standard (and comprehensive) DiffServ model. I don't see anything to complain about in their choice of protocols.

I also don't see anything to complain about in the actual results that I've observed in my deployments.

Is there some specific issue with call quality that you're encountering, or is this just a theorycraft question?


Re: VoWLAN and Qos

Thank you for your feedback! No we haven't deployed VoWLAN yet. This is just a question for theory about relying on WMM for over-the-air QoS.

Cisco Employee

Re: VoWLAN and Qos

TSPEC is also used for CAC.

For more info, see the 7921G Deployment Guide @

New Member

Re: VoWLAN and Qos

Hey guys :)

Just reading thru these.

So, yes, TSPEC is used for CAC the 7921 deployment guide states. Where does TCLAS come in, and if you dont have the WLC version, what are the other alternatives?

Could someone tell me, for QoS over Wifi, what was used before tCLA. I am not understanding this feature?

Many thx


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