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Wireless Guest VLAN


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Abdullah Muzaffar I am having  an issue with my Wireless Guest VLAN. In my setup I have Cisco Wireless  Link Controllers on which I created 3 VLANs interface Employee, Voice  & Guest. Now the Employee and Voice are working perfectly but when  users connecting to the Guest Wireless they can't able to access  configured Proxy server. 

When I was  troubleshooting , I sensed that when I am connected with Guest wireless  I can't able to PING the default gateway of that VLAN. Now I am  confused about where to check the main config. Would it be on my  Wireless Link Controller or is it my CORE switch where all the VLANs are  configured. or my DHCP server which is assigning the IPs.

I hope I get a reply soon. If you need further information I am happy to provide.


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Re: Wireless Guest VLAN


the fact that you can't ping in the guest SSID is normal. That SSID blocks all traffic until you authenticated on the web page.

If your users are using a proxy to browse the web, all you need to do is to add an exception in the client browser for "" if that is your virtual ip. So that the proxy doesn't get contacted when client is redirected for authentication.

The second step is to make WLC listen on the proxy port (often it's 8080 for example). Command is "config network web-auth-port" :

Hope this helps,


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