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WLSM , AP 1100/1131, 7920


This is just to state a problem that I had when I upgraded the WLSM to version 1.4.1

I have a wireless voice network setup using a 1131AG and 1100BG AP. The Back end is Call Manager 4.1. We are using a WLSM Blase in a 6500 as the WDS running 1.3.2 or 12.3(4) when doing a show version from the AP. The AP's are running ver 12.3(4)JA. The 7920 running Firmware 7920.4.0-02-00.

The Phones authenticate to the Acces Point using LEAP Authentication with Dynamic WEP Keys.

All was working well until we upgraded the WLSM to version 1.4.1. The phones would not roam quick enough and when switching on the phone would 50% of the time state authentication failure even though the ACS confirms that the transaction was successful, then after a minute or two would authenticate correctly and begin downloading the config. This same issue happened when runing WLSM with a version prior to 1.3.2.

When downgrading the image from 1.4.1 the phones worked correctly again.

Hope this may be of some help for the few people with the same problems using the WLSM.



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