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Configure second interface to wlc

We have a wlc connected to a core switch.
At the core switch have configured 3 vlans (vlan management, vlan for wireless network users, and to vlan access-point).
At a remote site, we have another core switch where there are 3 other vlans which serve the same functions as in the other switch.
Between these switch, two routers exist that allow the network routing between the two switches.
In wlc have configured an interface with vlan ID for users of the local wireless network. Also a WLAN to which the said interface is configured assigned.
Two groups of one access-point access-point groups the local site and another is created to group access-point the remote site.
That recommendation should be followed to configure an interface to the remote site, whereas the vlan identifier of the remote site users to work with a different vlan to the local site dhcp.

I appreciate your comments.

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Refer the post: https:/

Refer the post:


Hi Luis,That is possible as

Hi Luis,

That is possible as long as

1. your new sites AP subnet can reach the WLC

2. The APs provisioned there have been primed/pre-configured/pre-detected by the WLC

      A. For this one just simple manage your AP in your main site, once it is primed/it has loaded the image of the controller, you can deploy in your new site. If the AP is already in the site, you need to manually assign(Static) the WLC's IP by #capwap ap controller ip address <IP>

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AP from the remote site can

AP from the remote site can be reached by the WLC, but clients can't negotiate IP from remote DCHP in the same remote site.  All clients obtain IP from the DHCP in the local site.

Solution was upgrade ios to 7.4, using flexconnect ap mode.

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