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Controller Notifications

Is there a way to be notified by my wireless controller if an access point goes down on my network?

I have a Cisco 5500 (5508 model) Series Wireless Controller.


Yeap there is,Through SysLog

Yeap there is,

Through SysLog and/or SNMP, SNMP traps to be specific.
Though you need a third-party software for that, one example is Solarwinds NPM

If you want a free-cheap solution, you can try syslog.
Still needs a software but there are many free syslogs software for free out there

Configuring SNMP:
Simply go to: 1. AT: Management Tab and CLICK: SNMP->Communities

-Set this up from here


For SysLog, still in the same Tab - in Management

CLICK: Log->Config

Just simply put in your SysLog server IP

SNMP is always better since NMS software such as solarwinds can be configured to send a custom alert, such as sending an e-mail, while syslog simply displays a message in text format in your syslog server. So if you dont look at the syslog messages in your syslog server, you wont know 


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