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Cisco Access Point Models Not Supported On 8.1 Code

If you're like me you may have hundreds or even thousands of Cisco 1131, 1242 and 1250 access points deployed in your wireless network today. 

 A number of legacy access point models will no longer be supported past 8.0 code. 

This is reminiscent of 1000 series access points. I can recall the horror stories, people upgrading to 5.0 only to realize that the 1000 series would not join the WLC. #DontBeThatGuy!

Ask your Cisco rep about buy back programs and bundle purchases; buy X and get 5-10 free access points!

Community Member

Major impact for us...  We still have tons of old APs rocking on in low demand areas.

I resort to the philosophy "Don't upgrade unless you have to". The "have to" generally means a required new feature or a bug impacting reliability. But, yes, I feel your pain. It's important we all plan the plan and plan accordingly. LOL

Happy New Year Kevin! 

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Does anyone have a link for this announcement or release notes?  I am very curious what "reduced feature set" is on 1140 series access points.  I have finished off most of my 1131s but still have a good number of 1140s out there.



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Details aren't complete but there's some indication under table 1:

Note The Cisco 1040 Series, 1140 Series, and 1260 Series access points have feature parity with Cisco Wireless Release 8.0. Features introduced in Cisco Wireless Release 8.1 and later are not supported on these access points.