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1262N Autonomous AP Configuration




    User would like to configure couple of autonomous 1262's and would like to put the Ethernet interface out on Internet subnet and have the

    clients get a RFC 1918 address from the radio's. One Linksys is setup in a way that the clients are PAT'ing off the Ethernet interface when they go to the Internet.

    Is this possible with these clients or do user have to put the AP Ethernet interface into the same subnet with the DHCP scope?  They don't have enough Internet IP's to hand out to every wireless client.


    Yes, this is possible.  you can have the AP be on one subnet, and the clients be on another, so long as the switch you are connecting to can be configured for a dot1q trunk.

    If it can't be configured as such, the clients are going to get an IP in the same subnet as the AP.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.  In this scenario, you would still want the AP on a 1918 address space.

    Check out :Multiple SSID configuration in autonomous AP 1242

    Attaching one of sample configuration.


    VLANs on Aironet Access Points Configuration Example


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