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7.0MR5 Pre-release Image Download Available

7.0.241.x Available

For the 7.0 WLC branch, we will be publishing the next Manteniance Release in the coming weeks, If you want to participate on early preview program, please send email to with your CCO username, so we can provide access

Final code was published on CCO - Beta is over.

Image types

AS_5500* can be used for Wism2/2500/5500 controller types

AS_7500* can be used for 7500/8500

AS_4200* can be used for 4400/wism1

Issues fixed on this release


RNG in Web Management Cookie is not cryptographically secure


Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Cross-Frame Scripting Vulnerability


SSL encryption deficiencies


DFS Falsing from Broadcom Radio Emissions


Add support in emWeb for secure cookie flag


Address Paterson-AlFardan DTLS vulnerability


CF driver change for 5508/WiSM2/2504


Patch CVE-2008-5161 into WLC openSSH code


WLC crash at "SNMPTask" missed software watchdog

CSCue06024Need to configure voice optimization   parameters and CCA in Unified
CSCth52844HMR3: Observing AES-CCMP TSC replays on 1522 APs
CSCtq82437No CDP Neighbor details for LAP
CSCua24297AP forwarding broadcast action frames to WLC over CAPWAP
CSCua69305no DSCP on upstream data from non WMM client
CSCuc81022LAP1520 excessive DFS detection for in-band/off-channel weather radar
CSCud76044WAPP LED fails to glow after booting up
CSCue50917Root AP failing association as MAP when wired backhaul is lost
CSCue92521WLC 5508 crash due to memory corruption in task name spamApTask6
CSCug21736emory leak at dot11_driver_cal_update_call_params (MallocLite)
CSCtq67092Guest user with infinite lifetime are not properly added in backup conf
CSCtr80528AP primary/secondary/tertiary cntl will not accept 255 address
CSCtx14684SNMP response delays and ICMP port unreachable generated
CSCtz45133TSM Metrics collection setting not immediately pushed form WLC to AP
CSCub148778500/SRE  - ntp with Auth enabled   wrong key ID value sent to ntp server
CSCub31162Silient Crash Seen In Wlc Running
CSCub50981GTK key update breaks for clients on flex ap using local auth
CSCub97196Flexconnect local switch AP may get stuck in DHCP Required
CSCuc24637WLC GUI does not show correct mDNS profile attached to interface
CSCuc65229WLC crash if we clear the AP join statistics
CSCuc65606WLC crashes in spamreceive on
CSCue76126WLC 5508, 2504, WISM2 running crash due to memory buffer leak
CSCue81471CVE-2008-7270 affecting 7.0 code
CSCue86878Crash after downgrading from 7.5 to
CSCug64950AP group change to RAP in MAP mode results in stranded RAP
CSCuh14313Crash on maipulation of form mc2uc_message.html
CSCuh14436Crash on manipulation of fields for /screens/apf/site_assoc.html
CSCuh29481Bad record header seen some times when EAP-FAST PAC is refreshed
CSCuh14159Crash on field manipulation: screens/apf/known_rogue_ap_list.html
CSCuj47860Patch CVE-2005-2797  CVE-2007-4752   CVE-2006-4924 CVE-2006-5051  on  WLC
CSCud04901LAP1550 excessive DFS detection for in-band/off-channel weather radar
CSCuc32335Local Mode APs lose config after power cycle
CSCud69687Talwar:AP count is not reflected correct in "show ap summary"
CSCue73385WLC: dot1x interface create failure - "Unable to find 802.1x   interface"
CSCuf77810Cisco WLC Web Management Interface Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
CSCuf77818HttpOnly flag not set on Web Admnistrator Interface Session Cookie
CSCug35507WLC contains telnet DoS
CSCul27717APs disassociate in large scale setup when debug commands are executed