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Airprint/Bonjour with mDNS gateway does not work over Anchor




    Airprint/Bonjour with mDNS gateway does not work over Anchor


    Use has one WLAN and trying to use Airprint on a wireless HP printer using Bonjour. Both client and printer are on the same WLAN which anchor with another controller for accessing Internet. WPA PSK with MAC filtering is enabled on WLAN.

    Both internal and DMZ (anchored) controllers run 7.4.100 and Bonjour is enabled on DMZ controller. Using the default "default-mdns-profile", mDNS profile the printer registers but no print. Bonjour is only enabled on DMZ controller but tried both on internal without any different. Multicast is disabled globally on both controllers.


    Yes, you need mDNS on atleast anchor only for this to work. Anchor WLC advertises Bonjour Multicast packets to Foreign WLC, so that Wireless user can see the service and connect to it and allows the actual wireless bonjour data connection that uses Bonjour unicast tcp traffic to pass from foreign to anchor. "Multicast forwarding from foreign to anchor is not supported until 7.5 code."

    Only Bonjour Multicast Forwarding from wired anchor to wireless foreign is supported.

    CSCtr26626 Bug Details -

    Multicast traffic should be supported over an anchored wlan
    This is an enhancement request to add multicast support over an anchored wlan.
    Since Multicast is not supported over an anchored wlan, client protocol such as Bonjour will not function.
    Make sure that any WLAN whose clients' applications require multicast is not anchored (no guest anchoring, no Layer 3 mobility.)
    For Bonjour users specifically, use the Bonjour Gateway feature which is available in CUWN

    Bonjour and Guest Anchoring

    For guest anchoring, the guest WLAN is able to see Bonjour services advertised to the anchor controller. The Bonjour queries and advertisements are sent inside the Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) tunnel.


    Bonjour and Guest Anchoring

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