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AP1600 WPA-TKIP Client Disconnect


Before I used  AP 1240 on lot of site with WPA-TKIP without issue .

Today I try the AP1600 with WPA-TKIP but my clients are disconnected after 1 minute with the below messages


*Mar  1 04:19:46.125: %DOT11-4-TKIP_MIC_FAILURE_REPORT: Received TKIP Michael MIC failure report from the station c0d9.6241.09f9 on the packet (TSC=0x0) encrypted and protected by group key."

So At the same place and with the same Client, the same SSID  with AP1240 my clients works fine with AP1600 my clients are disconnected so it's not an environmmental problem

My AP1600 is in the last IOS version and I tried the command  " countermeasure tkip hold-time 0" without succes

So for me There is a Bug with AP1600 in WPA-TKIP authentification.

Have You got an idea about this problem

Do you think there is a bug or not ?


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