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ASR5K Product lines

This is ONE of the top-level knowledgebase content pages for the ASR5K family, in this case containing links to articles related to understanding and troubleshooting the various technologies or product lines built on the ASR5K platform.

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PDSN (Packet Data Service Node)

PDSN Handoff from EVDO to 1X technology (or vice versa) but "show subscriber full" output does not update technology type

Why doesn’t the show resource session PDSN service limit not match the show license info PDSN limit?

Foreign Agent

Home Agent

GGSN (Gateway GPRS Service Note)

Annotated GGSN Pre-paid monitor subscriber trace

SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node)

SGW (Serving Gateway)

MME (Mobility Management Entity)

HSGW (HRPD Serving Gateway)

PGW (Packet Data Network Gateway)

PDIF (Packet Data Interworking Function)

L-ESS (Local External Storage System)

ASNGW (Access Service Network Gateway)