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Can a Cisco Aironet antenna be used with Wireless LAN Controllers?


Any Cisco Aironet antenna can be used with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and Lightweight Access Points as long as the Cisco or Aironet antenna is 6 dBi or less (6 DBI per Threaded Naval Connector (TNC). Two 6-dBi antennas can be installed, but one 12-dBi antenna can not be used).

Note : dBi is used to compare the power level of a given antenna to the theoretical  isotropic antenna. For more information on dBi, refer to dBi.

Some of the 6dBi antenna's are :

  • AIR-ANT1729 Wall Mount Antenna
  • AIR-ANT5160V-R Omnidirectional
  • AIR-ANT1729 Patch
  • AIR-ANT2012 Diversity Patch

For more information on antennas, refer to these documents:

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