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Can a single Access Point support both bridge mode and Access Point mode at the same time?


Access Point(AP) can perform the functions of a Wireless Bridge and a AP at the same time, provided the AP is a dual band AP (1200, 1230, and 1240AG series) and supports the AP Link Role Flexibility feature. This feature allows AP's with two radios to use one of the radio for AP mode and the other radio for Wireless Bridge mode.

As an example, if we have a 1240AG series AP, we can use the 802.11a Radio for Wireless Bridge mode and the 802.11g radio for Access point mode. The AP Link role flexibility feature is supported on 1200, 1230, and 1240AG series APs starting IOS ( 12.3(7)JA ).

Note : This feature is not supported on 350, 1100, and 1130AG series APs.

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