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Cisco Aironet 1230 Access Points attached to third party 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches are not powering up

Core Issue

The Cisco Aironet 1231AG Access Point (AP) is not 802.3af compliant by default


So as a workaround, you may need to use the PowerDsine midspan.

Most Cisco Aironet APs use inline PoE from power injectors or Cisco powered EtherSwitches, but the Cisco Aironet 350, 1100, and 1200 APs do not directly support IEEE 802.3af power sources. These APs were designed before the IEEE 802.3af power standard was ratified and must use third party products such as PowerDsine to support IEEE 802.3af power sources.

PowerDsine offers midspan power products that allow customers to deploy a combination of IEEE 802.3af powered devices and non-IEEE 802.3af powered devices such as the Cisco Aironet 1120 and 1121 APs and the Cisco Aironet 350 and 1200 Series APs.

For more information on PowerDsine Midspan  refer to Non-Cisco Power Options  section of  Cisco Aironet Power Over Ethernet Application Note.

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Access point

AP 1200

SW Features

Power over Ethernet (PoE) / 802.3af