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Cisco Aironet Access Point has NO Light - LWAPP LED fails to glow




    Cisco Aironet 3502i Access Point has NO Light


    Newly mounted Aironet 3502i shows no lights. The access point is working fine and is visible in the switch, WLC and WCS. The ping request is getting replies. Everything is working as expected even then the lights are not ON.

    User tried to shutdown the port in the switch and noticed it turns green (booting), once it was registered in WLC the light goes off. Currently all 4 Access Points having same issue i.e. no light but working fine.

    Software Version

    WLC >> Wireless >> All Ap's >> AP >> General >> Version

    Primary Software Version 
    Backup Software Version
    Predownload Status     None
    Predownloaded Version    None
    Predownload Next Retry Time  NA  
    Predownload Retry Count    NA
    Boot Version
    IOS Version      12.4(23c)JA2
    Mini IOS Version


    Check if all the LED State is set to Enable mode:

    Wireless>> Access Points>> Global Configuration>> General>> Check LED state to enable.

    If above is already enabled then try the below option.

    Wireless>> Access Points>> All APs>> select an AP>> Go to advanced tab>> check 'LED state to enable'.

    If the above options are not avilable, Please try the following command:

    wlc>config ap led-state enable all

    Do this on all AP.

    CSCud76044 - LWAPP LED fails to glow after booting up
    LWAPP AP LED switches off after booting up.
    LWAPP AP running mini IOS 7_3_1_73. AP need not have joined controller for the issue to manifest. mini IOS 7_3_1_73 is equal to bootloader version 12.4(23c)JA5.
    config ap led-state enable from the controller.

    First Found in:


    Fixed in:


    Status: Fixed (Verified)

    More Information

    config ap led-state

    To enable or disable the LED-State for an access point, or to configure the flashing of LEDs, use the config ap led-state command.

    config ap led-state { enable | disable} { cisco_ap | all}

    config ap led-state flash { seconds | indefinite | disable} { cisco_ap | dual-band}

    Syntax Description


    Enables the access point’s LED state.


    Disables the access point’s LED state.


    Name of a Cisco lightweight access point.


    Configure the flashing of LEDs for an access point.


    Duration that the LEDs have to flash. The range is from 1 to 3600 seconds.


    Configures indefinite flashing of the access point’s LED.


    Configures the LED state for all dual-band access points.

    Usage Guidelines

    LEDs on access points with dual-band radio module will flash green and blue when you execute the led state flash command.

    Command Default



    This example shows how to enable the LED state for an access point:

    > config ap led-state enable AP02

    This example shows how to enable the flashing of LEDs for dual-band access points:

    > config ap led-state flash 20 dual-band

    Related Commands

    config ap


    config ap led-state


    This document was generated from the following discussion: Cisco Aironet 3502i AP has no light

    AP LED Problem


    Great information, however I am not able to view the LED settings using the GUI on version 7.0.116, can you verify that the global LED option is present on this version of code (5508 7.0.116).


    Tarik Admani

    New Member

    ZOMG , I have been seaching the GUI for this ALL DAY ! - works from the CLI perfectly - even reports the one it finds and enables.

    My Questions is - why does it turn them off in the first place ?????????

    Thanks , Josh