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Cisco WCS cannot display the antenna for AP 1260N




User is facing problem while deploying AP 1262N in WCS heatmap, it doesn't display the correct antenna to select not sure is this a bug for Cisco WCS Will upgrade to solve the problem?

Antenna type are AIR-ANT2422DG-R= & AIR-ANT5135DG-R=


WCS is subject to a number of catastrophic database bugs, and should be avoided at all costs. Please do upgrade to for stability sake as soon as possible.

AIR-ANT2422DG-R= (a 2.4 gHz antenna) and AIR-ANT5135DG-R= (a 5 gHz antenna) are both supported in WCS  However, with APs that have removable antennas, there is no such thing as "detecting" an antenna.  The Cisco antennas (and no others, that I'm aware of) don't have chips or any intelligence in them, they're just pieces of metal shaped to make the radio waves flow in a particular shape.

The AP that antenna is connected to has no way to feel around and know what type of antenna is connected to it;  and if the AP doesn't know, the controller's not going to know;  and if the controller doesn't know, WCS is only going to find out about it by the humans stepping in and saying so.  The antenna type is selected from the pull downs after selecting an AP to place on a given floor.

There's no bulk import method, each and every antenna has to be defined on each AP on the map.  (The only redemption is APs that have integrated antennas;  WCS does know what's attached to those and pre-populates the selector with that information.)

Direct Upgrade

Question 1

Do WCS direct upgrade to WCS In release notes it stated supported but not clearly define could it able direct upgrade to this version.


Some users like automated upgrade and some manual "backup/uninstall/install/restore" method, but regardless of method, yes there should be no issues going from to  Since this is a 7.0.something.something to 7.0.something.something, there should be no new features or functionality involved (meaning, no additional database schema changes or anything complicated like that), just all bug fixes. 

Upgrading WCS

This section provides instructions for upgrading the WCS on either a Windows or Linux server. It handles the steps you normally follow to accomplish a manual upgrade (shut down WCS, perform a backup, remove the old WCS version, install the new version, restore the backup, and start WCS). If you choose to use the installer, it searches for any previous WCS versions.

If you choose to use the easy upgrade process, it provides error checking at each step and gives an informative message if an error that causes an exit occurs. An upgrade-version.log is also produced and provides corrective measures.


For steps on upgrading WCS in a high availability environment, see , "Performing Maintenance Operations" of the Cisco Wireless Control System Configuration Guide.


If the WCS is configured to use TACACS+ or RADIUS for external authentication, you should update the custom vendor attribute list in the TACACS+ or RADIUS server with any new permissions. The attribute list for the appropriate UserGroup can be found at Administration > AAA > UserGroups. Click the Export link for the appropriate user group. See Chapter 14 "Performing Maintenance Operations" of the Cisco Wireless Control System Configuration Guide for additional information regarding upgrading.

Using the Installer to Upgrade WCS for Windows

To upgrade WCS (on a Windows platform) using the automated upgrade, follow these steps:

Step 1

Insert the Windows Cisco WCS CD into the CD-ROM drive and double-click the WCS-STANDARD-K9-7.0.X.Y.exe file where 7.0.X.Y is the software build. If you downloaded the installer from, double-click the WCS-STANDARD-WB-K9-7-0-X-Y.exe file that you downloaded to your local drive. The Install Anywhere window appears and prepares the system for installation. After a few seconds, the Introduction window appears, followed by the license agreement window.

Step 2

Click the I accept the terms of the License Agreement option to continue. At this point, the install wizard detects whether a previous version of the WCS is installed and specifies whether the current version is eligible for an automated upgrade. If your most recent WCS version cannot participate in the automated upgrade, you receive such a notice.

Step 3

Choose Install and switch to the manual upgrade. (See the Cisco Wireless Control System Configuration Guide for manual upgrade instructions.) If your WCS version is eligible for an automated upgrade and the previous qualifying version of WCS is detected, choose Upgrade and continue to Step 4. This method is preferred.

Several of the values from the previous installation are retained as part of the upgrade. These include the following:

  • The ports
  • The root password
  • The root FTP password
  • The TFTP server file location
  • The FTP server file location

The multi-homed server interfaces

Step 4

Choose a folder in which to install the WCS at the Choose Install Folder page. It must be a different location than the previous installation. Click Next to continue.

Step 5

Choose a folder location in which to store the shortcuts. It must be a different location than the previous installation.

Step 6

Continue to follow the prompts that appear. You are notified when the system checks for required space, uninstall previous versions, backs up files, restores, and so on. A prompt appears asking if you are ready to start WCS as a service. Click Yes.


The upgrade log is located in the standard log directory (\webnms\logs) if the automated upgrade completes. If the automated upgrade did not complete, the upgrade log is located in the user home directory.


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