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CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) stops responding after a power failure

Core Issue

These things can happen if the power is disrupted to the WLSE:


When you receive the Cannot connect to WLSE database error message, it means that there is a corrupted database. Run the REINITDB command from the CLI in order to recreate the database.

Important: This process deletes any existing data. Therefore, you need to restore from your backup after the WLSE system becomes operational.

For  information on troubleshooting the WLSE, refer to Troubleshooting.

For more information on troubleshooting WLSE and WLSE Express, refer FAQs and Troubleshooting section of FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide for the CiscoWorks WLSE and WLSE Express

Problem Type

Unstable connectivity


CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE)

CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) Express

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