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Configuring Proxy Mobile IP

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How to configure Proxy Mobile IP


The access point's proxy Mobile IP feature works in conjunction with the Mobile IP feature in IOS. When you enable proxy Mobile IP on your access point and on your wired network, the access point helps client devices from other networks remain connected to their home networks. The visiting client devices do not need special software; the access point provides proxy Mobile IP services on their behalf. Any wireless client can participate.

Mobile IP provides users the freedom to roam beyond their home subnets while maintaining their home IP addresses. This enables transparent routing of IP datagrams to mobile users during their movement, so that data sessions can be initiated to them while they roam. For example, a client device with an IP address of could associate to an access point on a network whose IP addresses are in the 209.165.200.x range. The guest client device keeps its IP address, and the access point forwards its packets through a Mobile IP enabled router across the Internet to a router on the client's home network.

For instructions on configuring proxy Mobile IP on Cisco Aironet Access Points (APs), refer to the Configuring Proxy Mobile IP section of the Cisco Aironet Access Point Software Configuration Guide for VxWorks, or the  Configuring Proxy Mobile IP section of the Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points, 12.2(11)JA.

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