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Converged Access Mobility Architecture FAQ

Converged Access Mobility Architecture FAQ

(it is an work in progress doc)


Q.Setup - AP--3850--5760. Need to terminate AP's capwap to 5760, is it possible?

A. If you terminate the AP tunnel at 5760, then the 3850 is just a switch. (no MA, no "wireless management itnerface")

Q. New Mobility between 5500 and multiple 3850s, wheras 5500 as MC and 3850 as MA. What should i configure between them?


Q. What's the HA possibility when MA pointing MC fails, Can we point one MA to Multiple MCs?

A. No, but in next Converged Access - IOS release (3.3.0 SE in October), you will also be able to do HA between 5760s. As of now we can use 2 5508s with HA between them.

Q. When to use Mobility group among Converged Access and between CUWN and Converged Access?

A. MC handles the Mobility by default and MA can't, however MA forwards the Mobility info to MC. When 3850 is not MC himself then it needs to be pointed to an MC for Mobility processing. when multiple MAs are used with RF overlap, all these MAs can be pointed to an MC and no Mobility group config required between these MAs and MC, however these MAs needs to be in SPGs on the MC. Mobility group config is not required between 3850-MA and its pointing MC - 3850/5500. If multiple MCs are used then create Mobility group between MCs Ex: between 5500MC to 5760MC, 3850MC to 3850MC.

Q. Should i configure RF group on MA or MC or both?

A. Configure RF group only on MC. MA will learn it from MC.

Q. Where should i run debug(@ MA or MC or MA & MC) for RRM related issues?

A. RRM algorithm calculation and processing is done at MC, so run RRM debugs at MC. However, running RRM debugs at MA shows what RRM info is forwarded to MC.

Q. What if MC goes down, what will happen to APs connected to MA that is pointing to the failed MC?

A. APs do not get license from MC and APs cannot join.