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Error:Critical error cannot connect to the server-NCS Report Folder Access issue using FTP




    Scenario: User is trying to access the report folder on NCS using FTP but getting "Error: Critical error cannot connect to the server".


    User like to access to the reports folder on the NCS using a ftp software (filezilla ftp client 3.3.3). This folder is located at '

    /localdisk/ftp/reports/' on the virtual machine. He also created a ftp user using the command line with 'ncs password ftpuser ftpncs password *******'.

    But the remote connection still doesn't work.

    Output Logs from FTP:
    Server: 220 Service ready for new user
    Command: USER ftpncs
    Answer: 331 User name okay, need password for ftpncs
    Command; PASS ******
    Answer: 530 Access Denied
    Error: Critical error cannot connect to the server

    Troubleshooting performed

    Tried a FTP in a dump DOS window just to make sure that app isn't the problem.

    Used filezilla which uses SFTP.

    Tried the above mentioned but same result, either with user root or the user created for ftp. After typing the password, getting '530 Access Denied'.

    After connecting to the ftp/, the username is OK but access is denied after typing the password. User did performed the below mentioned Verification steps.

    Verification Steps

    Check GUI > configure > FTP/TFTP and make sure that the default FTP has the correct IP that you use for your session.

    As you are able to login that would indicate that the service is enabled in running but you'd take a look in the GUI >administration > settings >server settings

    ... and also on the CLI

    myNCS/admin#ncs status
    Health Monitor Server is running.Reporting Server is SuccessFtp Server is SuccessDatabase server is runningTftp Server is SuccessMatlab Server is Success
    NMS Server is running.

    From the CLI of NCS, type in:

    dir disk: --->This will show you the files and folders. FTP is what you want, so if you type in:
    dir disk:ftp/ --->This will show you what's in the FTP folder. So is this where your reports are being placed?
    To change the FTP username from the CLI:
    ncs passwod ftpuser username password password


    When you FTP into NCS, you will be in the FTP/ folder, in which you can add folders and files.

    User Tried with Command prompt and Filezilla but the results are same:









    FTP port 21 is not blocked.


    CSCtw98787The ncs password ftpuser CLI command should enforce ftp-user parameter


    ncs password ftpuser allows the username input to be anything and will accept that input without error:

    snx1-ncs-1/opsadmin# ncs password ftpuser testacct password Hello123


    Updating FTP password.

    This may take a few minutes...

    Successfully updated location ftp user

    But then attempt to login with that information, you get this:

    ftp snx1-ncs-1

    Connected to

    220 Service ready for new user

    User ( testacct

    331 User name okay, need password for testacct


    530 Access denied

    Connection closed by remote host.

    Conditionsncs cli command, seen in versions, and 29
    WorkaroundMust use the ncs passowrd ftpuser ftp-user password syntax to update the ftp-user account. While other input for username is allowed, it has no affect.
    Known Affected Releases




    Configuring TFTP or FTP Servers

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