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Guest Access with Mobility Anchor Chalk Talk


Reference files used in the Chalktalk

PowerPoint Slides

Debugs on the Foreign Controller

Debugs on the Anchor Controller

Reference Guides on CCO

Cisco Unified Wireless Guest Access Services from the Enterprise Mobility 4.1 Design Guide

Wireless LAN Controller Web Authentication Configuration Example

Wired Guest Access using Cisco WLAN Controllers Configuration Example

Compatibility Matrix


[Q] How will the traffic flow if we want to use the auto-anchor feature not  for guest access, but with Enterprise security and 802.1x  authentication via Radius? Which part of the connection will be managed  by the foreign and which part by the anchor controller?

[A] All the traffic up to the completion of the L2 authentication is  managed by the foreign controller. This means that the communication  with the Radius server is handled by the foreign controller itself: once  the L2 authentication is completed, the rest of the client's traffic  will be tunneled to the anchor controller.

Example: Debugs on the Foreign and Debugs on the Anchor


Thanks Federico for sharing this VoD and Doc's.


Vinay Sharma

Community Manager - Wireless

New Member

is possible to have redundancy anchor controller?

Yes, you can configure 2 anchors for the guest WLAN.  The WLC will load balance the clients between the two anchors, and in if one fails, they will fall over to the other anchor.


New Member

Ok, I've already done. my question is how to be the priority rather than a anchro to another?



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Where did the video go!? There is only an image now, no embedded video..