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High CPU utilization observed on Access Points

Core Issue

Unwanted VLANs not pruned at the port connecting the Switch to the AP.


Sometimes high CPU utilization is observed on the Cisco Access Point (AP). By default, all the VLANs are allowed onto the AP from the switch to which the AP is connected. This can create a problem, especially when applied to a huge network. If all of the VLANs are allowed onto the AP, it may result in high CPU utilization and hence the connectivity may get affected. Clients associated to the Access point will face throughput issues and sometimes high CPU utilization can also bring the Wireless network down.

To avoid this problem, prune the VLANs at the switch so that only the VLAN traffic the AP is interested in is  passed through the AP. For more information on VLANs, refer to the VLANs on Access Points section of Using VLANs with Cisco Aironet Wireless Equipment.

Problem Type

Poor connectivity / Performance


Access point


Wireless client to AP

Link Status Meter Test Result


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