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How to analyze performance and throughput problems between the root and non-root bridges


Problems with bridge performance are the most difficult to troubleshoot because there are so many variables involved. In the case of wireless products, the majority of variables are literally invisible. Bridges have tools built into their software that can help to accurately determine the cause of symptoms of poor throughput, but they might not be able to solve the underlying problem.

As a basic approach to troubleshooting this problem, you can increase the transmit power on the non-root bridge. Also, if the distance between the root and non-root bridge is less than 1 km, you can set the distance on the root bridge to 1. Therefore, an increased throughput can be obtained. It is important to remember that the IEEE 802.11b protocol specifies 11 megabits per second, half-duplex, wireless communications. So the throughput expectations should be set accordingly.

For more information about problems with wireless bridges, refer to Troubleshoot Common Problems with Wireless Bridged Networks.

Problem Type

Analyze (examine, manage, test or view data)

Poor connectivity / Performance



Role in Radio network

Root bridge

Non Root Bridge