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How to configure passwords on the Access Point


You can prevent unauthorized users from reconfiguring the wireless device and viewing configuration information. Typically, network administrators need to have access to the wireless device while they restrict access to users who connect through a terminal or workstation from within the local network.

To prevent unauthorized access to the wireless device, configure one of these security features:

  • Username and password pairs, which are stored locally on the wireless device. These pairs authenticate each user before the user can access the wireless device. Administrators can also assign a specific privilege level (read only or read/write) to each username and password pair. 

  • Username and password pairs stored centrally in a database on a security server. For more information, refer to the Controlling Access Point Access with RADIUS section of Administering the Access Point.

For more information, refer to these sections of Administering the Access Point:

Note: Default usernames and passwords in Cisco APs are Cisco (starting with capital C). Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. This is different from other Cisco equipment defaults.

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