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how to delete ever associated AP in WCS

Our WCS version is 6.0.202.

WLC4402 version is 4.2.176.

The license of WCS is 50 APs.

In the WCS license center,it shows the usage of the license is 70%,but we only have 28 APs online.

I could not find those old APs in "Configure AP" page,but alarms for the unassociation of those offline APs often appear automatcally.

Can anyone help me about this ?


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‎09-12-2011 10:13 PM
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Hi Tsung,

Simply go into WCS... click on configure ---> access points ---> select your aps and then on the right drop done select remove access points.

Give it a try ..

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Hi George,


But I can not find those aps on the "configure ->access points" page.

hummmm... Never had the problem before... So you are getting alerts on access points but when you go to the configur page the ap arent there ... hummmm

Im not sure ... let me poke around ...

Did you open a TAC case on this at all?

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Hi George,

We didn't open a TAC case yet.

Hope to get more information  here first.


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Can you see them in the controller CLI? check 'show ap join stats summary all'.

Have you got an ap authentication list configured (or auth against aaa)? This might prevent unauthorised APs from using up your licence count.