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How to Distribute Configurations between Cisco Access Points




    How to distribute configurations between Access Points


    Configurations can be directly distributed between access points running Vxworks. However in access points running IOS configuration is first uploaded to the TFTP server and all the systems can download the configuration from TFTP server.

    Distributing a Configuration

    Use the Distribute Configuration page to distribute the access point's configuration to other Cisco Aironet access points. Figure shows the Distribute Configuration page.

    The access point sends its entire system configuration except for its IP identity information and its User List. The configuration is sent and applied to all the access points on your network that:

    • Are running access point firmware version 10.00 or newer
    • Can detect the IP multicast query issued by the distributing access point (network devices such as routers can block multicast messages)
    • Have their web servers enabled for external browsing (see the "Entering Web Server Settings and Setting Up Access Point Help" section)
    • Have the same HTTP port setting as the distributing access point (the HTTP port setting is on the Web Server Setup page)
    • Have a Default Gateway setting other than the default setting, which is (the Default Gateway setting is on the Express Setup and Routing Setup pages)
    • If they have User Manager enabled, contain in their User Lists a user with the same user name, password, and capabilities as the user performing the distribution (the person logged in on the distributing access point)

    Distribute Configuration Page

    Follow this link path in the browser interface to reach the Distribute Configuration page:

    1. On the Summary Status page, click Setup.
    2. On the Setup page, click Cisco Services Setup.
    3. On the Cisco Services page, click Distribute Configuration to other Cisco Devices.

    Follow these steps to distribute the access point's configuration to other access points:

    • Step 1 Follow the link path to reach the Distribute Configuration page.
    • Step 2 Click Start. The access point's configuration, except for its IP identity and its User List, is distributed to the access points on your network. To cancel the distribution, click Abort.

    For information and instructions on supported methods of distributing configurations between APs, refer to the Reference documents.

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