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how to limit traffic by Qos on Wism / 1142AP


   I have few 1142n ap and register to wism (

   there are 9 ssid and 9 vlan on wism

   there is one ssid and vlan  for guest (open with no security policy)

   I use qos to limit traffic ( using qos profile brozne)

   per-user bandwidth contracts change to ...

   average data rate 128, burst data rate 128 , average real-time rate 128 , burst real-time rate 128,

   other no change

  than go WAN  edit guest  qos to bronze , wmm policy (allowed)

  It is limit guest (per client) download (download a file@ 128kbps-) ,

  but upload seems no limit (upload a file @70Mbps-)

  I need  limit guest per client both download and upload bandwidth @128kbps


  any suggestions are welcom


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Hi ,

You posted a document not a question.  Please post this question in the Discussion area so that someone may help you.  I suggest you go back here:

login and Start a discussion under the action menu.  Once you have submitted your question, you can delete this document.



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