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How to Telnet into an access point


Use the following procedure to Telnet into an access point:

a) From your computer, open a telnet session. For example, in Microsoft Windows select Start > Run and in the text box type Telnet and press Enter.

b) When the Telnet window appears, click Connect and select Remote System.    In the Host Name field, enter the access point's IP address and click    Connect.

Note: In Windows 2000, the Telnet window does not contain pull-down    menus. To start the Telnet session in Windows 2000, enter open followed    by the access point's IP address.

Access Points running VxWorks:

Complete this procedure on Access Points running VxWorks:

a) When connected, press the equal key ("=") to display the access point's main menu screen.

b) You can view diagnostic information about your access point with diagnostic      commands. Enter the commands in the Command-Line Interface (CLI) to display the information.

Access Points running Cisco IOS:

Complete this procedure on Access Points running Cisco IOS:

See Using the Command-Line Interface

Note: Although telnet is enabled by default, it is important to mention that in order to be able to telnet to the access point, telnet must be enabled on the access point. This is done under Setup -> Services -> Consold/Telnet.

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