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Linux Operating System (OS) does not recognize the client adapter card

Core Issue

The most common reason for the failure of the Linux OS to recognize the client card is improper installation.


When installing the Linux drivers and utilities, ensure that you follow the directions carefully. Pay particular attention to file locations and the $PATH defined in your shell.

For installation instructions, or if you have already installed the drivers and utilities, you can verify the installation by referring to Installing and Configuring the Client Adapter.

If you need to do the installation over again, follow the steps outlined in the Uninstalling the Driver and Client Utilities section of Routine Procedures, and then proceed with installation.

If your client adapter is not being recognized by your computer's PCMCIA adapter, check your computer's BIOS and make sure that the PC card controller mode is set to PCIC compatible. A computer's BIOS varies depending on the manufacturer. For support on BIOS-related issues, consult your computer's manufacturer.

Problem Type

Device OS does not recognize client card


WLAN adapters (wireless card) / ACU (Aironet Client Utility)