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MAC address authentication allows all clients to connect

Core Issue

The default behavior of the Access Point (AP) is to permit all associations.


MAC address filters allow or disallow the forwarding of unicast and multicast packets either sent from or addressed to specific MAC addresses. You can create a filter that passes traffic to all MAC addresses except those you specify, or you can create a filter that blocks traffic to all MAC addresses except those you specify.

When you create a list of allowed MAC addresses with the intent to permit only those addresses, you must configure the AP to deny all other MAC addresses.

For APs running VxWorks, refer to the MAC Address Filtering section of Configuring Filters and QoS.  For additional information, refer to the Default Multicast Address Filters section of Radio Configuration and Basic Settings.

For APs running Cisco IOS  Software, refer to the Configuring and Enabling MAC Address Filters section of Configuring Filters.

Problem Type

Associated but cannot pass any traffic

Configure / Configuration issues

Client / Device cannot authenticate


Workgroup bridges

Access point


WLAN adapters (wireless card) / ACU (Aironet Client Utility)