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Mesh Ethernet Bridging Bugs and Behavior

Indoor AP Ethernet Bridging Bugs


If ethernet bridging with indoor ap's isn't working in 7.3 or 7.4 code, upgrading to will very likely correct the issue

As tested and verified, and 7.6.110, have all of the fixes for the various indoor ap mesh ethernet bridging bugs.

Outdoor AP's (1520, 1550) are not affected by these bugs.

Indoor AP Mesh Ethernet Bridging Bugs

CSCub67462     ethernet bridged (Vlan Tagging) broken in 7.3
CSCud41334     MAP Ethernet bridged client does not work

Vlan Transparent Native Vlan Forwarding Behavior

With Mesh Ethernet Bridging Vlan transparent enabled, historically (5.x-7.0 code), the Rap’s native vlan would be forwarded out of Map ethernet ports.  Assuming the Rap’s native vlan is 1, vlan 1 would be usable for management across the mesh sector, including the Map’s connected switch.

In 7.2-7.4 code and later, this behavior has changed.  With Vlan transparent enabled, the Rap’s native vlan is no longer forwarded via Map’s ethernet interfaces.

testing reference: (in progress of update)

This behavior reverts in (native vlan *is* forwarded out of map's ports with vlan transparent enabled) due to CSCub63054 .

Other Mesh Ethernet Bridging related bugs to be aware of
CSCue32755     Wireless client not able to associate to map with ethenet bridged client
CSCub63054     MESH VLAN Transparent not have same behavior in 7.0 in 7.2 builds
CSCud74948     Document Mesh Vlan Transparent Native Vlan Handling Change in 7.2+

Spanning tree related:
CSCui60915     Mesh APs causing mac flapping and loop on the switch
CSCuc03576     ARP problems with MAPs