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No bootable image on an AP

Core Issue

Cisco IOS  Software images can become corrupted during upgrade procedures.  If this happens, the Access Point (AP) displays the following error message:

The system is unable to boot automatically because there are no bootable files to boot.


If an AP with Cisco IOS Software loaded fails to boot and the no bootable files message is displayed, this may be due to the corruption of the Cisco IOS Software files, or because the bootloader has not been upgraded from VxWorks to Cisco IOS Software.

For Cisco 1200 series APs, refer to Upgrade Cisco Aironet AP1200 to IOS.

On either Cisco 1100 or 1200 series APs, if the bootloader is correct and you experience this problem, refer to the Reloading the Access Point Image section of Cisco Aironet 1100 Series Troubleshooting.

Problem Type

Software issues

Continuous reboot


AP 1100

AP 1200

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