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Received the DOT11-6-DISASSOC: Interface [interface], Deauthenticating Station [mac] [char] error message

Core Issue

A station has disassociated from an Access Point (AP).


This informational message indicates that a client device has disassociated from the AP.

If this message appears repeatedly for any individual client device, it may indicate one of the following issues:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) interference is disrupting communication between the AP and client.
  • A legitimate client is repeatedly failing to authenticate.
  • The AP is set to open authentication. Illegitimate clients are repeatedly attempting and failing to connect. For information on authentication methods, refer to Configuring Authentication Types .

Problem Type

Error message


BR 1400

AP 1100

AP 1200

IOS Errors, Warnings, Statistics and Log Messages

DOT11-6-DISASSOC: Interface [interface], Deauthenticating Station [mac] [char]

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