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I dont see this as an active bug ---

On 4.2.176 code

Upgraded 1220 access points to LWAPP

When AP fallback is enabled the 1220 access points that have primary, secondary and tertiary Controller set DO NOT FALL BACK. I have 30 1220's that refuse to fall back and cause outages as they attempt to join the "primary" controller.

Example 1220 setup

Primary - COntroller 1

Secondary - Controller 2

Tertiary - Controller 3

If the AP is on controller 2 or 3 it attempts to join 1 but fails.

There moblity groups are correct, excess room is controller 1... All other modesl move between all controllers with no problems.

Cisco... please conact me at if you need more info ...


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I am guessing you mean 1231 because you can't convert a 1220 to LWAPP.  Check your ap-manager IP address on all of your controllers and make sure none are conflicting as failover uses the ap-manager address for communication.  I had this problem and it was caused by duplicated ap-manager IP addresses.

Ap mangers are fine. Btw, you can LWAPP 1220's... I did a number during this deployment. The join the controller fine. Just dont like to fail back...