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Sample Example - Upgrading Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI)




Upgrading Cisco Prime Infrastructure


We need to Patch the System with the appropriate patch files first, and then we need to Upgrade the System with the Upgrade file.

As per Upgrading Cisco Prime Infrastructure,  Upgrade can done

  • either from a given system to the same system, known as Inline Upgrade
  • or from a given system to another  system, known as Upgrade with Data Migration (from one system to the other)

Upgrade Steps

Upgrade should be a two step process:

[Step One:] Download the Patch files and Upgrade file

[Step Two:] Patch and Upgrade  the System

Step 1

As  per Clarifying the upgrade/migration path to Prime Infrastructure 2.0, if we want to  upgrade from NCS to PI 2.0, we need to install the following  four files in the

said order:

1. ncs_patch-

2. NCS-upgrade-bundle-

3. ncs_1_1_1_24-Update.13.4.tar.gz

4. PI-Upgrade-

These files can be downloaded from the following links:

  1. ncs_patch-
  2. NCS-upgrade-bundle-
  3. ncs_1_1_1_24-Update.13.4.tar.gz
  4. Depending on choice,

-Either can use -

PI-Upgrade- from, <- This is preferable

- Or can use -

PI-upgrade-bundle- from,

Step 2

For the upgrade issue with the Upgrade process, please try the following:       

1. Download the FTP or TFTP server in a folder, say C:/ftpFolder/ftp, and  copy the file , say, ‘PI-Upgrade-’ in the same  directory,

as that of the ftp/tftp server ie, ‘C:/ftpFolder/ftp’ (can download all the patch files also in this folder)


Config t
repository Laptop
  url C:/ftpFolder/ftp

To check if all the patch files have been downloaded in the Repository,  we can now issue the command : show repo <RepositoryName>

3. "For  Non-Inline upgrade [which requires (a1)upgrade and  (a2)backup-and-restore of data with consideration to (a3) maps, if any]:"

(a1) as per  -> Step 2, we need console to

install Patch files, as per Step 4

(a2) We back-up as per Step 1-4 as per  

We  restore as per Step 1-5 as per  

(a3) if we have to import Maps from WCS/NCS to Prime, we can follow

"For inline upgrade" we need to follow steps 1-5

More Information

Reviewing the "Tips for upgrading to Prime Infrastructure" support forums document is also extremely helpful.

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For reference to other combinations of requirements, one may visit the following links :