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The access point GUI does not appear normal



The access point GUI does not appear normal


The access point GUI can look different or might not look normal to the user if the IOS  image files that run on the access point are corrupted.  First reset[Hardware or Software] the Access Point and see if the GUI recovers. If this doesn't work then you need to reload the firmware on the access point.

Note: It is observed sometimes that while you reload the firmware, you might receive the error not enough space available error message. In this situation you must erase the Flash first and then try to reload the firmware in order to resolve the issue.

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In order to download the firmware image, refer to  Download Center pages.

Problem Type

Other software issues


Access point

Product OS


Device Access Method

GUI Interface

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For more information about uploading firmware, refer to Managing Firmware and Configurations.

Note: Refer to Release-notes section of each access point series for errors during upgrade.

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