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The client adapter causes static on laptop speakers

Core Issue

Some laptop computers have hardware designs that pre-date the wide adoption of WLAN technology.  The audio system may not have shielding to prevent interference from the radio transmitter in the wireless card.


This problem cannot be resolved through software or driver upgrades.

To eliminate or reduce static noises coming from the speakers eother of the following steps would help

  1. Configure the client adapter card's transmit power output to 1mW or 5mW. This has   the negative side effect of reducing the range at which you can communicate.  For more information, refer to the Setting RF Network Parameters section of Configuring the Client Adapter.

  2. Using the card in a different slot.

  3.  Twisted Pair Unshield Cat-5 cable works without much RFI because the twisted pairs are using a ground wrapped around a transmitting wire, this ground negates the RFI from the wire carrying the data.

Problem Type

Hardware issues


WLAN adapters (wireless card) / ACU (Aironet Client Utility)

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