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The "ServletExceptio in:/pages/monitor/map/planningModeViewTopmenu.jsp" error message appears on the WCS server that runs version 4.0.66

Core Issue

When the access points are manually added, for example, choose X number of access points and click apply, these java error messages can appear in the browser window:

  • [ServletExceptio in:/pages/monitor/map/planningModeViewTopmenu.jsp] No bean found under attribute key serviceDomainForm'

  • [ServletExceptio in:/pages/monitor/map/planningModeMapView.jsp] Cannot find bean serviceDomainForm in any scope'


Many known issues exist in version 4.0.66, which is why version is available. It contains many bug fixes, which include heat map issues and planning mode issues. It is highly recommend to upgrade to

Refer to these documents for more information:

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