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The user receives the Warning: Saving this config to NVRAM may corrupt any network management or security files stored at the end of NVRAM error message

Core Issue

This message does not imply an error, but is just a warning. If you select No when prompted to save, the configuration is not saved. On the Cisco Access Points (APs), configuration files are not saved on NVRAM but on Flash. This warning message implies that the buffer size is not large enough.


The workaround for this issue is to increase the buffer size on the AP.

To specify the Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) simulation buffer size for a configuration file, issue the boot buffersize command using the Command Line Interface (CLI), as shown:

ap#config t
ap(config)#boot buffersize 256000

Note: The boot buffersize value used in this document is just an example. Care must be taken when selecting the value.

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Error message


Access point

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WEP key

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